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It’s your right to understand and be clearly understood, we convey your message to a larger audience!

For government offices, associations, individuals and corporations, our professional interpreting services make communication more effective wherever you need them!

  • Our services are available 24/24 and 7/7

Interpreting is essentially about conveying a message in a target language that an audience understands in order to facilitate cross-cultural effective communication. This requires a high expertise from the part of the interpreter to transmit the linguistic, cultural and even emotional dimensions of the original message in the target language. Our professional interpreters have the necessary expertise to make your message go through!

Meanwhile, interpreting is a task on which people’s lives may depend!

Court interpreting requires a high level of accuracy that only experienced professional interpreters can achieve. For this reason, Almiaad Lingua carefully chooses its interpreters and assigns tasks according to how well the interpreter will do in the job required.

Almiaad-Lingua offers quality interpreting services for host of purposes. A qualified and skilled interpreter like Arabic Interpreter is the need of the hour during crucial negotiations, executive meetings, international conferences, diplomatic meetings, business meetings, court hearings, etc. to ensure that the communication interchange occurs smoothly. A qualified interpreter eg. Arabic Interpreter also has to maintain confidentially of the key personal and business information learnt during the Interpretation process.

For Interpreting services, you can completely rely on Almiaad-Lingua for efficient work.

We offer conference and business meeting as well as private accompanying interpreting services.

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At Almiaad Lingua, we classify our interpreters according to their expertise in the following types of interpreting:

   1. Simultaneous interpretation
Both the interpreter and the speaker (s) talk at the same time. This ideally describes interpreting for conferences from sound-proof booths. At Almiaad Lingua, we use our own materials and technical equipment for conference interpreting if the venue doesn’t provide them. However, the deployment of our equipment depends on the availability and on how early bookings are made earlier.

   2. consecutive interpreting
The speaker gives time for the interpreter to convey the message. The interpreter talks after each is portion are uttered by the speaker (s). The interpreter is usually standing/sitting next to the speaker.

   3. whispered interpreting (chuchotage)
Like simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter whispers the interpreted message, but to a small target audience directly.

   4. Liaison interpreting
If there is a short speech that has to be conveyed to an audience or from a speaker to a listener, the liaison interpreting is the ideal type of service to be provided.
Almiaad lingua offers liaison interpreting to an over –growing list of business and government office clients from all over the world.

   5. Relay interpreting
In case the listeners speak different languages, a relay interpreter conveys the message into a common language. Then, each other interpreter transmits the message into a particular language part of the audience speaks. Our clients who offer training sessions to large multilingual groups rely on our relay interpreters.

Wherever you are and whenever you need our services, we will be there to meet your interpreting needs:

Conference interpreting (either simultaneous or consecutive), court interpreting (interpreting for police interrogations and court and legal proceedings), and escort interpreting (we offer to accompany and interpret for VIPs, businessmen, delegations, etc. for various missions), medical interpreting, media interpreting (TV broadcasts, meetings, media production), etc.

We offer interpreting services either onsite or over the phone.

We are now developing our own phone interpreting facilities.

For all your enquiries, you can call or get free quote from us.

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